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Self-Service Advertising Software

Discover a new way to run and manage your advertising campaigns on all social platforms, with guaranteed results and much more, All-in-One.

" has removed the problem of complexity in the world of digital platforms"
"A one-stop-shop for everything you need to make advertising investments in the digital world."
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The first All-in-One platform

Digital Ads
Promote your content on all major digital platforms.
Outdoor Ads
Innovative and engaging outdoor advertising formats.
Creative Tools
Discover tools designed to facilitate the creation of content suitable for advertisements.
Exclusive Services
Access unique opportunities for your success through an extensive network of resources.

Digital Ads

Advertise with Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
All-in-one platform. Create and run an extremely effective advertising campaign in seconds.

Outdoor Ads

Reach your audience through innovative and engaging outdoor advertising formats in Italy’s most popular cities. Create and run your own outdoor advertising campaign in seconds.

Creative Tools

AI Image Generator
The AI Image Generator converts any text input inserted by the user into unique images for free perfectly suited for advertisement.
Image Editor
Image Editor gives users the opportunity to add a custom text or a call-to-action to their images directly from Rubyno.Studio. Users can define in one click the desired final export size and edited images are available for download immediately.
Song to Story
Fast and easy video content generation from a Spotify Song Link. This tool is designed to produce high-impact video in a vertical format ideal for Instagram Stories or any vertical advertising campaign.

Exclusive Services

Get Funded
Rubyno.Studio offers funding for independent artists and labels. Keep 100% of your music ownership rights and receive an advance of up to 8x your revenues from streams within 48 hours.
Release your Music
Take the next step towards success! Release your music through Rubyno.Studio thanks to our partnership with trusted provider TuneCore.
Launch your campaign today!

100% Guaranteed results

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A World of Opportunities

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Ad Clicks
Users reached
Key Performance Indicators
The number of times your Ad is seen
Number of clicks on your Ad
The number of users who see your advertisement
The amount of views on a YouTube video

The Advantages

Outdoor and Digital advertising in one platform.
Accessible Pricing
Professional advertising for every budget. Start with only 50€
Buy Now, Pay Later
Split your payment in monthly charges without interest.
Immediate Launch
Create and run your advertising campaign in minutes!
Reliable Partners
Guaranteed results thanks to a reliable network of providers.
Advertise on the Go
Everything you need to monitor and create campaigns always within reach. 

Frequently asked

Why promote yourself with Rubyno.Studio?

If your goal is to save time and get more out of your advertising campaigns, Rubyno.Studio is what you've been looking for: all types of digital advertising in one place, guaranteed results and automatic optimization, dedicated customer support, interest-free installment payment.

What am I buying?

Rubyno.Studio offers you the possibility to run paid advertising campaigns (sponsored ads) on all major platforms. There is no subscription, fixed costs or membership fees, you will only pay for the campaigns you activate.

What do you mean by guaranteed results?

We will guarantee you a minimum threshold of results based on the choices you make when setting up the campaign. Your ads will be online and will continue to be shown to your chosen target users until you reach the promised results.

When the guaranteed minimum results are reached, if your contents are relevant to the target users you will be able to get more results than guaranteed at no additional cost until the duration of the advertising activity expires.

Is Rubyno.Studio safe? Are the results real?

Rubyno.Studio will never ask you to share your passwords or sensitive information in complete respect for your privacy. The results you get are genuine, non-fraudulent and true as they are obtained exclusively through paid advertising campaigns (sponsored ads) on the best platforms available. In fact, we use the official APIs of Facebook, Google, Spotify, TikTok and Snapchat to guarantee you real and certified data.

You are NOT buying traffic or interactions generated by BOTs or risky systems and methods (e.g., follow unfollow) that could result in problems for your accounts. You will reach only real profiles belonging to the defined target through quality advertising.

Where can I promote my contents?

With Rubyno.Studio you can choose to promote yourself through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads, Spotify Ads, Snapchat Ads.

As target countries you may select Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, or the United States.

Can I verify the results obtained?

You may monitor your advertising campaigns in real time directly from Rubyno.Studio and get details such as: people reached, impressions, clicks, video views, streams, followers and more. Learn more about your audience with charts divided by age and gender.

In any case, you can also check your obtained results by accessing the insights and analytics sections of the various platforms you use (e.g., YouTube Analytics, etc.).

"Finding an intuitive and simple platform that guides me in showcasing and valorizing my content was very helpful."
Marco Ligabue
"Very satisfied with the services Rubyno.Studio offers. Super reliable with simple functions. Great customer support as well."
Rory di Benedetto
Manager and multi-platinum Author